▷ Sonic the hedgehog 1 y 2 Hacks de mejora

parches de mejora juegos sonic 1 y sonic 2 megadrive

Parches para mejorar el Sonic 1 y 2 de Sega Megadrive

Estos parches aplican a los juegos originales una serie de cambios arreglando multitud de bugs, añadiendo nuevos elementos, etc 

Han sacado estos parches, uno para el Sonic 1, el otro para el 2. Estos parches lo que hacen es arreglar multitud de fallos de los juegos originales, optimizando los juegos, mejorando la paleta de colores, añadiendo cosillas como el Spin Dash en el primer Sonic, añaden nuevas animaciones y muchas cosas más. No cambian los niveles ni se añaden elementos nuevos. 

El Sonic Team ya pulió los juegos para la versión de Sega Saturn Sonic Jam, juego el cual ya hablamos en el blog. Ahora ya podéis disfrutar de las mejoras implementadas en los juegos de la Megadrive.

sonic 1 spin dash
El Spin Dash se incluyó en el Sonic Jam y ahora en este parche para la megadrive

Correcciones hechas en el Sonic 1:

  • Dynamic Palettes Per-Act (Optional)
  • Fixed Demo Playback (Unnoticeable and not needed as speed cap fix ruins this)
  • “PRESS START BUTTON” appears
  • Walk-Jump Removed
  • Fixed Ring Timers and added quick blink animation
  • Special Stage jumping responds to button presses like the normal jump (hold to jump higher)
  • Sonic collides with water after being damaged
  • Removed speed cap (mentioned above)
  • Sonic now has the Super Dash Attack or Spin Dash from Sonic 2
  • Fixed the death boundary bug
  • Fixed the camera follow bug (barely noticeable in-game)
  • Fixed the water palette on the Title Screen to be consistent with gameplay
  • Spike Behavior fixed
  • Sonic’s walking animation has been tweaked to look like the 2013 mobile version and Sonic movie credits
  • Fixed a “remember sprite” bug where objects appear destroyed when they aren’t when RAM is full (only noticable in Debug Mode)
  • REV01 Background effects ported
  • Fixed scattered Rings underwater physics

Correcciones hechas en el Sonic 2 y la variante Sonic 2 & Knuckles:

  • Fixed Emerald Hill Zone deformation glitch -Removed Air Speed Cap 
  • Fixed deletion of Rings after hitting bottom level boundary 
  • Fixed a race condition with Patter Load Cues to prevent some crashes 
  • Fixed the Chemical Plant Zone boss' attack to hurt player while crouching 
  • Fixed the collision of the Aquatic Ruin Zone boss pillars and arrows 
  • Fixed all if not most of the glitches related to the Casino Night Zone boss 
  • Fixed the Hill Top Zone background mountains not scrolling correctly 
  • Fixed the Oil Ocean Zone's launchers speeding Sonic up glitch 
  • Fixed Demo playback to hold button presses 
  • Fixed a glitch where if Sonic tranformed into Super Sonic after beating a level he would get stuck 
  • Corrected Super Sonic's speeds after transforming underwater 
  • Sped up Ring countdown for Super Sonic 
  • Fixed a glitch where Super Sonic and Sonic with Speed Shoes would decelerate too quickly when rolling down inclines 
  • Corrected wrong palettes and air suspension after transforming into Super Sonic twice in one level 
  • Made the last frame of Super Sonic's palette used 
  • Fixed a glitch that made Sonic's transfromation palette underwater unused 
  • Fixed the Rolling-jump to have the correct height and not lock you in place when landing 
  • Fixed a glitch where if you Spin Dashed on the edge of the screen, the Spin Dash would be cancelled Fixed all if not most glitches relating to Sonic drowning 
  • Fixed the Y-position of the camera for Tails -Fixed Tails subanimation error 
  • Fixed Death Egg Robot collision 
  • Added rings to Death Egg Zone 
  • Fixed the "14 Continues Cheat" playing Oil Ocean Zone's OST forever instead of continue jingle 
  • Fixed a glitch that would crash the game placing objects in Debug Mode after Sonic died 
  • Disabled floor collision when dying
  • Corrected jump height out of water 
  • You now collide with water when being hurt -Fixed the Ring deletion timer 
  • Tails' respawn speed was increased 
  • Press jump button twice to activate Super Sonic 
  • Removed the slow wait for checksum -Turned on optimizations 
  • Knuckles the Echidna is fully playable (optional), but has some bugs, read the Readme for more info on Knuckles bugs 
  • Some of Sonic's sprites were fixed along with the Casino Night Zone slot machine icon for Sonic 
  • Fixed "All Kinds Items" Engrish to "All Item Types" 
  • Various Chemical Plant Zone layout changes 
  • Fixed infamous Chemical Plant/ Death Egg door visual glitch
Como veis, son muchísimos arreglos de fallos, sobre todo en el Sonic 2. 

Los parches son en formato IPS. Para aplicarlos a las ROMS, podéis seguir nuestro tutorial de cómo aplicar los parches IPS a las ROMS.

👉Página de descarga del parche del Sonic 1

👉Página de descarga del parche del Sonic 2

Esperamos que os guste y disfrutéis de las mejores versiones de estos grandes juegos.

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